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Marc Anthony Pays A Lot In Child Support

Marc Anthony may have to pay a lot more child support than he’s used to, at least if his ex, Dayanara Torres, has her way. The famous singer reportedly earns 1.25 million dollars a month and is worth over $20 Million but only gives Dyanara $13k. And by only I mean, holy $h1t, $13k? I’ll have Marc Anthony’s baby if it will get me that much money a month. Dayanara wants el esqueleto to pay her $113 thousand a month so she can live more like his other ex, you know, Jennifer Lopez. Dayanara claims that she lives in a crappy 1200 sq foot apartment while J-Lo lives it up in style. Of course, that’s not taking into account all of the boatloads of cash that J-Lo has on her own. Still, Anthony does pay J-Lo child support and it probably is more than $13k a month. Then again, J-Lo probably had better lawyers.

It just goes to show that whether you are rich or poor, you’ve got to pay up in the child support department. This is a good time to teach all of you young guys a lesson. Everyone gather around the computer, that’s right. Grab yourself a cup of chocolate caliente and listen to tio Jack. A baby is a wonderful thing that brings joy into your life. They also cost an f-ton of money to support for at least 18 years, (but probably more). The reality is that you don’t want to leave a trail of kids across the land. I don’t care if it’s with the former Miss Universe and J-Lo or just a couple of girls that work at the Piggly Wiggly, you want to keep the amount of potential child support you have to pay a minimum. The lesson to be learned here is to wrap up your little rumbero when you go into battle or end up paying $113k in child support a month.

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