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Antonio Margarito Makes Fun Of Freddie Roach’s Parkinsons (UPDATED)

We owe Freddie Roach an apology. Yesterday we called him a douchebag for trying to paint Antonio Margarito as the villain in his upcoming pay-per-view fight with Manny Pacquiao. It turns out that the real douchebag isn’t Roach but Margarito himself. In a video recorded by AOL Fanhouse reporter Elie Seckbach, the Mexican boxer–along with lightweight fighter Brandon Rios– made a tasteless joke about Freddie Roach’s Parkinson’s disease.

The video, which you can watch on Deadspin, shows Margarito and Bam Bam Rios doing awful parody of Manny Pacquiao’s trainer. The unedited clip went live last night, but was then replaced by a heavily edited version that made it look like Margarito was afraid of Roach. Later today, the video was taken down altogether.

UPDATE:  AOL Fanhouse reposted the video saying that they had pulled it by mistake. We have posted the video below

So what does this mean? For starters, it means that Freddie Roach’s claims that Margarito is an “effin a-hole” are dead on. It also means that Margarito pretty much pissed away his shot at redemption. Even if he beats Manny Pacquiao at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas this Saturday, Margarito won’t be seen as an underdog hero. Instead, he’ll become that guy who cheated against Mosley and was miraculously granted an undeserved opportunity to make it back to the top.

Why couldn’t you have just stayed silent, Margarito? Your actions are making people forget that you knocked out Miguel Cotto, who was undefeated and seemingly untouchable at the time. We saw that fight. We saw the moment in which Cotto said “no mas, no mas!” But none of that matters now. Now you’re the cheater, the douchebag who makes fun of someone else’s illness. Damn it, Margarito. You’re making it really hard for us to root for you.

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