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Mark Zuckerberg Sponsors Undocumented Immigrant App “Undoculife”

A new app that simulates the life of an undocumented worker in The United States came out of Mark Zuckerberg’s Hackathon contest. The app, called Undoculife, was developed by Erick Garcia as part of Zuckerberg’s organization’ 25 hour programming bonanza. The app attempts to give the player an insight into the world of the modern American undocumented worker. The characters make decisions and those choices have consequences in the game. For example, an abusive boss might ask the worker to stay late and miss his daughter’s dance recital. Does he choose to spend time with his family or risk losing his job? These are the real life sort of scenarios that the undocumented face everyday. The developers should know since they have several Dreamers and the undocumented.

Celso Mireles and Carlos Vargas are a couple of young men that are involved in the U.S. government’s so-called Dreamer program. The two worked on the team as programmers as well as advisers on the undocumented experience. Zuckerberg has been an outspoken advocate for immigration reform and he called Undoculife, “one of the most impressive things I have seen in awhile.” Of course no game can truly show the struggles of the undocumented. The best that Garcia and his group can do is educate people on the kinds of issues that the newly arrived immigrant goes through. When the app is released in wide circulation we will bring you a review. In the meantime we hope that more apps like it are developed.


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