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Martes 13 or Friday the 13th

In Spanish cultures as well as Greek and Latin American countries, Tuesday is considered a day of bad luck, especially Tuesday the 13th as compared to Friday the 13th for some European and U.S. cultures.

There are many people with phobia to this day, they do not travel anywhere and most definitely don’t get married on a Tuesday because of superstition, hence the saying, “martes 13 ni te cases, ni te embarques, ni de tu casa te apartes” pretty much translating to “don’t get married or leave your house on Tuesday the 13th”. The phobia to this day is called “Trezidavomartiofobia” which pretty much translates to “13thtuesdayphobia”, or something similar.

Martes (Tuesday) is a word that descends from the name of the planet Mars, which in the Middle Ages it was called “little evil”. Mars (or Ares in Greek mythology) is the god of war, so Tuesdays are ruled by Mars, destruction, blood and violence. Additionally, legend has it that one day on Tuesday the 13th is when the confusion of the tongues at the Tower of Babel occurred.

There are plenty of reasons to think that Tuesday is a day of misfortune and bad luck. Yet, there are absolutely no scientific explanations for Tuesdays or martes to be a day where misfortunes happen, most people take it as it is a cultural myth or folk story. In fact, there are even many people that have taken it the other way around, so they consider it as a day of good luck. So much so, that on that day, many bet on that number in lotteries and sports gambling.

Friday the 13th has similar connotations as Martes 13 does to us Latinos and Greeks. To some it may be a myth, to some it is a day of bad luck, and to another crowd, it is a day for good luck. Do you believe in superstitions and do you do anything special or avoid certain things on these day(s)?

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