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May The Fourth Be With You, Amigos

Today is one of the most important days of the year, May the 4th which for the last few years has been called “Star Wars Day”. With Disney’s multi-billion dollar investment/rescue of Star Wars from the hands of its insane, joweled creator George Lucas, the franchise is better than ever. With the wildly successful The Force Awakens and Rogue One, and the upcoming The Last Jedi, we are up to our necks in space wizards and cute droids. One of the trends in the new movies that most excites me is the inclusion, finally, of Latino actors. I am fully aware that in the context of the Star Wars universe that there are no Latinos. But it still makes a world of difference seeing Oscar Isaac flying an X-Wing and having Diego Luna stealing the plans to the Death Star.

Representation is important and when I was a kid there were no Latinos in Star Wars, or any sci-fi for that matter. But a Latino kid today can play with a Poe Dameron action figure and feel like he is part of the action like never before. Hell, it means a lot to this forty-year-old Star Wars fan too.

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