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Mayweather WINS !! Canelo vs Mayweather Boxing

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. remained undefeated with a majority decision over the previously unbeaten Saul Alvarez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Mayweather won 117-111 and 116-112 on two scorecards while a third had the fight even at 114-114. The fight was contested for the WBA and WBC titles at 154 pounds, one of which is held by each man.

The win moved Mayweather to 45-0 and dropped Alvarez to 42-1-1.

Carlos Molina (22-5-2) won a twelve round split decision to dethrone IBF junior middleweight champion Ishe Smith (25-6). Scores were 117-111, 116-112 Molina, 116-112 Smith.

“I appreciate all the fans that believe in me and have come all the way here,  the way for me to pay them back is with victory, and that is what I will do”, Thats what Canelo Alvarez stated before the fight and that is exactly what he did’nt do! He came, he saw Mayweather clown around, he kept his cool, but was not able to be victorious!

I am hurt about the results especially since I truly was going for Canelo and wanted him to win, but I did know deep inside Mayweather was going to win. I had the opportunity to be in Vegas for the weekend, I did not get to go to the fight even though  I had 4 laptops and two phones on Ticketmaster as soon as the tickets went on sale a while back, I was not lucky enough to get one of the $450 tickets…..that is all I was willing to pay as I would feel guilty spending more having family members in Mexico with very limited income. I would  rather send my grandparents some money to come visit us in the U.S. than to spend $2,000 on a ticket, but that’s me. There are some lucky fans out there that not only scored a ticket but were sitting ringside. As soon as I heard about the fight I booked my flight since I knew I wanted to be in Vegas for this weekend, no matter what. And that is what happened, I watched the fight Closed Circuit in the Mandalay Bay and the atmosphere was phenomenal, I can’t even imagine what it was inside the MGM, although I have been to many Mayweather and Canelo fights in the past, I bet it was nothing like today!

While part of me knows that boxing is all business and Golden Boy Promotions along with Floyd Mayweather himself knew that it was in their best interest for Mayweather to win. Mayweather has said it before “If it’s not about the money, I don’t know what it is about”. there are no other opponents out there that will give this type of payout, at least not yet. So money-wise,  it all makes sense.  If this fight broke the PPV records, imagine what a rematch will do?

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