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Meet Mitt Romney’s Mexican Side Of The Family

In case you haven’t been following the Republican presidential primaires–and why would you? The current batch of Republicans have absolutely nothing to offer to Latinos in this country– word on the street has it that frontrunner Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico. His dad, George W, was born into a part of a Mormon community that fled the United States because of laws banning polygamy.

Earlier today the Univision News Tumblr posted a video profiling Mitt Romney’s Mexican side of his family, who still live in Chihuahua, Mexico. Check it:

This explains every single bit of Romney’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, from his opposition to immigration reform to his promise to veto the DREAM Act should it come to pass.

It’s not that Romney is against Latinos. No, his current views on said issues stem from his desire to stick it to his Mexican cousins. Surely, Romney was made to feel as less than whenever he would go visit his primos. I can sympathize. As someone who has a lot of family on the other side, it was always awful visiting them. A favorite pastime of my own family members, particularly those who were closer in age, was to make fun of my siblings and me for not being Mexican enough. They would criticize our Spanish, which although flawless did not match their regional accent. Words like güero and gringo were often lobbed at us. Needless to say, we hated those fresa douchenozzles.

So of course Mittens, who has a chance of being in a position of power, is trying to get back at them. Oh what’s that, primo? You want to escape the narco violence and be safe in the U.S.? Yeah, screw you for calling me a naco back in the day! What? Your kids want an opportunity at earning U.S. citizenship? Cometela!

I totally get it now.

[Univision News]

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