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Meet The New Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

It’s official: Gal Gadot is the new Wonder Woman. Zack Snyder announced earlier this week that in addition to Ben Affleck as Batman, Wonder Woman would also make an appearance in Batman vs. Superman. Gadot is best known for starring in three of the Fast and Furious movies along with the late Paul Walker, (respect). The Israeli actress is a good pic to play the Amazonian superheroine, and it’s not just because I want to see her in a red leotard. Wonder Woman should look kind of Mediterranean since she her back story has elements of Ancient Greek mythology. But the question is: Does this mean a stand alone Wonder Woman movie?

There has been a lot of criticism over the years that Hollywood has neglected making a feature length Wonder Woman movie. They’ve exploited every superhero character, some multiple times, and no one has done a successful non-porn version of Wonder Woman in decades. It’s hard to say if it is Hollywood’s inherent sexism or pure laziness. The story of a super Amazon in a unitard that ties up men and makes them tell the truth is a no brainer. If no one else goes to see it, pervs that like to be dominated will. Still, I think Gal will do a good job. But it is going to be tough to fill Lynda Carter’s red boots. I first identified my heterosexuality at age five to episodes of the old Wonder Woman series. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a lady in spandex.

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