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Mel Gibson in Mexican Gun Fight With “Get The Gringo”

Considering that Mel Gibson hasn’t had the greatest track record when it comes to race relations, we were a bit skeptical when we heard about his upcoming movie set in Mexico: Get the Gringo. (We can only wonder what wonderful drunken, hate-filled slurs this guy has been squirrelling away for Latinos.) Well, we’re sorry to disappoint those of you getting your picket signs ready for protesting in front of theaters: there won’t be a theatrical release. Instead, this movie will be available May 1st on DirecTV for $10.99. Initially we thought this direct-to-consumer release strategy was Mel’s way to prevent the movie from being ravaged by a pack of movie critics. It appears, however, that he’s actually taking a cue from one of the funniest Mexicans in the world today: Louis CK.

In the past, direct-to-video releases usually meant the movie was either a lame sequel that had none of the original actors in it, or it was a poorly acted soft-core porn (We hope that’s not the case for this movie. Whether or not Gibson’s butt has aged well is something we’d like to leave to our imagination…or not). However, thanks to Louis CK’s most recent direct-to-fan release – Live at the Beacon Theaterwhich netted him over one million dollars, Mel’s DirecTV movie offer may be another example of the pioneering brilliance that has led Mel to make movies like What Women Want and The Beaver.

While it’s too early to tell if Get the Gringo (aka How I Spent My Summer Vacation) means Mel Gibson has decided to soften his bigoted image, the trailer offers up a few points to consider. The portrayal of daily life in Get the Gringo’s version of Mexico seems as charming and welcoming as dropping prison soap: corrupt officials, violence, trumpet music, age appropriate Latina love interest (a single mom, of course), luchadores, Mel Gibson with age inappropriate grenades and guns. Basically, this movie looks like a “grittier” version of The Three Amigos – which makes sense because this flick is a popcorn action movie. We’re hoping that – in spite of the movie appearing to be a lowest common denominator circle jerk – we’ll be pleasantly surprised by the film, as Mel has been known to imbue his films and characters with a level of genuineness, like Braveheart and…that other one. But we’re still skeptical. You can expect our full review when this movie hits the small screen.


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