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Memorial Held For Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The great Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez was laid to rest in his adopted country of Mexico in a star studded memorial. Both Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos and Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto were on hand to eulogize the greatest Spanish language writer since Cervantes. The ceremony was held in Mexico City’s Bellas Artes Palace. Hundreds of yellow paper butterflies were released, which hearkens back to a famous passage from 100 Years of Solitude. Santos said of the writer, “He will live on in his books and writings. But more than anything he will live forever in the hopes of humanity.” Nieto added that Gabo had “found the answers to the questions of life”. Pretty strong praise from some fairly important folks.

We told you earlier in the week the sad news that Gabo had passed on after several years battling cancer. I’ve gone back and am reading The General In His Labyrinth again. Next I’m going to re-read 100 Years of Solitude in Spanish. If you’ve only read Gabo’s stuff in English and you are able to read Spanish I highly recommend reading his works in their original language. If you think his stuff is beautiful in translation, wait until you read the original.

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