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Mexican Drug Lord Killed For A Second Time

Mexican drug lord Nazario “El Mas Loco” Moreno Gonzalez has been killed in a shootout with police…four years after he was reported dead. The government took him down in a gun battle in Michoacan after discovering that he was still alive. Gonzalez founded the La Familia drug cartel that spun off the weird and violent Knights Templar group that’s been terrorizing Michoacan. In 2010 Gonzalez got into a gun fight with the police and was thought to be dead. The government never found the body but they went ahead and claimed victory because, you know, sloppy police work. But this time they did forensic tests on the body and made sure for 100% sure that it is really Gonzalez. But for real this time.

It’s no surprise that the Mexican war on drugs is going so badly. If they can’t even properly kill and then identify a body then how can they be expected to beat the cartels? I mean, how hard is that? You know that Gonzalez had too have been dangerous if he was called “El Mas Loco”. Mas loco than who? Than a group of brutal drug dealers that dress up like medieval knights? This guy must have been baby eating crazy. At least he’s dead…or is he? Dum! Dum! Dum!

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