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Mexican Filmmaker Ricardo Arnaiz At Comic Con

The Mexican filmmaker Ricardo Arnaiz, who directed the up coming 3D film El Americano, had a conference at San Diego’s Comic Con. The conference, “Grandes ideas para el cine: cruzando fronteras con la animación mexicana”, focused on the importance of Mexican audience in Mexico and the United States and how Mexico’s film industry has grown in producing blockbuster movies that one day can impact Hollywood.

Speakers in this conference included Edward James Olmos, producer of Battelstar Galactica, Phil Roman, Executive producer of The Simpsons, Raul Garcia, director of the animated movie Aladdin, Mike Kunkel, co-director of Tarzan and Hercules and Richard Pursel, writer for Sponge Bob.

The up coming Mexican animated film, El Americano, which had a successful presentation at the Cannes Festival, was also covered in this conference.

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