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Mexican Hipsters Cover Kings Of Leon’s “Sex On Fire”

Guys, listen. There is a Mexican duo that goes by the name of Los Master Plus who do an amazing cover of the Kings Of Leon’s “Sex On Fire.” Why should you care? Because it’s hilariously awfulsome! The band, which hails from the city of Guadalajara, translated the lyrics into Spanish and added a cumbia twist to the ubiquitous and craptastic Kings Of Leon song. As if that wasn’t enough, El Comanche and Larry Mon– the two band members– put out a low budget music video for the song that features them dressed in full norteño garb. Check it:

At first we assumed that Los Master Plus were just following the Mexican trend of riding the coattails of a popular American song by doing a Mexican-style twist to it (see: Calor Norteño and “Tengo Un Sentimiento”). But the more we thought about it, the more we came to the conclusion that “Sexo En Fuego” is the work of two hipsters (they both have the telltale ironic mustache). This isn’t an attempt to capitalize on the success of the Kings Of Leon. This is Los Master Plus making fun out of the sell-out band (yes, they sold out) and you know what? We’re all for it.

You can check out Los Master Plus on Facebook, Twitter, and/or SoundCloud.

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