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Mexican Music Isn’t The Same As Cuban Music, CNBC

The media continued to show their complete ignorance of Latinos when CNBC reporter Steve Liesman asked for Mexican music to be cued up for senator Ted Cruz. Of course, Teddy “Dead Badger Hair” Cruz is Cuban-American not Mexican. So, putting on Mexican music makes about as much sense as playing a polka whenever Kim Kardashian sluts up a red carpet. Liesman apologized and said that what he meant was that because Cruz is from Texas he thought playing Mexican music was appropriate. Umm, no. While Mexican and Tejano music are certainly incredibly popular in Texas for obvious reasons, (my home state btw), if you really wanted to evoke stereotypical Texas, wouldn’t you would play country music? No, this is just another example of the media’s cluelessness.

I told you a couple of weeks ago about an incident in which Fox and Friends was unaware that their Nicaraguan meteorologist didn’t grow up eating tacos. You might expect that kind of ignorance from Fox News but this latest goof shows that it isn’t only the pundits on the right that don’t know anything about Latinos. The media thinks of us as a brown blob of Spanish speaking people from different parts of Mexico called Columbia and Cuba. Remember, these are the people who are supposed to be the best informed among us. How can they deliver the news accurately if they don’t know basic facts like Mexico and Cuba aren’t the same place? Let me make it easy for those that don’t know: Mexico is that big country south of the United States and Cuba is an island shaped like a vacuum cleaner in the Caribbean.

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