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Mexico Advances To FIFA U-17 World Cup With Two Insane Goals

So much great soccer has been played this summer (Gold Cup, Copa America, Women’s World Cup, etc.) that it’s been hard to keep track of all of it. Yesterday, the FIFA U-17 World Cup– held in Mexico this year– was put on our radar thanks to the stellar performance of the host country’s squad against their German counterparts in the semifinals of the tournament.

Julio Gomez Gonzalez gave el Tri the early lead with a goal in the third minute of the match. This lead wouldn’t last long, however. Samed Yesil equalized six minutes later, and the two teams would go to half time tied at one a piece. Then, fourteen minutes into the second half, Emre Can made it 2-1 for Germany (59′).

Things seemed to be over for the Mexican when, in the 75th minute, midfielder Jorge Espericueta did something that we rarely see at the highest level of the sport: he scored an olympic goal. The ball bent and sailed into the far post after blowing past everyone:

Unfortunately, Mexican player Julio Gomez Gonzalez– the kid (remember, they’re all 17-years-old and younger) responsible for the first goal– injured himself when trying to head in Espericueta’s kick. Gomez butted domes with a German defender, causing him to cut his head and beed profusely. Luckily for Mexico, he was wrapped up and ready to return to the action. We say lucky because the kid was the mastermind behind the chilena goal in the 89th minute that gave El Tri the victory and a chance to compete for their second U-17 title:

As a fan, one can’t help but to get excited for/about these kids. This victory, the manner in which they won, washes away the bad taste in our mouth left by the Gold Cup clenbuterol dopings and the U-22/Copa America prostitution scandal.

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