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Mexico City To Legalize Pot?

Mexico City is considering a measure that would make marijuana legal within the federal district. The proposal would make it legal to possess under 30g of the sticky icky and would set up cannabis clubs in which people could pay a subscription to have 50g of pot a month raised for them. The idea is that if they legalize the most commonly used drug it would help stem the tide of the cartels that are currently waging a literal war against the Mexican government. 60,000 people have died in the past six years from drug related murders. So, the question is: will it work?

It’s hard to say. Washington and Colorado here in the U.S. recently legalized pot but it’s too soon to know for sure what the long term impact will be. Much like Washington and Colorado, Mexico City is politically left leaning and kind of hippie. Gay marriage was made legal a while back within the district and they’ve enacted other progressive legislation that wouldn’t fly in other parts of the country. And that’s where they might run into trouble. Just like in the U.S., federal laws could override the local laws if the government chose to peruse it. Most of the rest of Mexico is still pretty conservative and Catholic and if the political will were there to stomp it out the clubs could be shut down.

Plus there is the issue of the cartels. These guys do not mess around and, if the research is correct and 70% of marijuana users would be getting their stuff legally, the cartels stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars. I can see a scenario where the cartels start torching cannabis clubs and threaten growers with reprisals. Plus, what about the casual smoker who might not want a monthly subscription of 50g every month? Would they still choose to get their stuff illegally? Or perhaps it would create a whole new subgenre of dealers who sell their excess 50g to their non-pothead friends? Still, perhaps it’s worth a shot. The truth is that things can’t get much worse and the war on drugs has clearly failed the way it’s traditionally been fought. Several stars including Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal have come out in favor of the measure. If Diego Luna says it’s OK, who am I to argue.

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