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Mexico Hoping For A “Cantinflas” Oscar Win

The Mexican Academy of Cinematic Arts and Sciences, the counterpart to the American Academy, has submitted Cantinflas for consideration as the Best Foreign Language Oscar at next year’s Academy Awards. The film has won both critical and box office accolades in its depiction of legendary Mexican comedian Mario Moreno. It’s a good choice for Mexico to make. For one thing it’s a biopic and the Oscars looooove a biopic. Also, it’s an accessible movie. Cantinflas was well known here in the United States, even winning a Golden Globe for his part in Around the World in 80 Days. This makes it more likely that American Academy voters will actually take the time to watch the movie and therefor more likely to vote for it.

I haven’t seen it yet but I hear it is wonderful. Hopefully it will take home the golden naked dude for Mexico. The best foreign Oscar usually goes to some dreary European movie that like five people watched. It would be nice because it would be almost as if Cantinflas himself were winning a posthumous Oscar.

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