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Mexico Is On A World Record Breaking Quest

Mexico has gone Guinness Book of World Records crazy. In the last couple of years, Mexico has taken part in dozens of attempts at world records. They won the most people kissing at the same time (39,897 people) , The largest pork taco (240 feet long), largest zombie walk (9,800 undead), and consuming the world’s largest cheesecake. Just last week, Mexico City’s Zocalo was full of people doing downward facing perro in the world’s largest yoga class. The question is: Why is Mexico so interested in winning world records all of a sudden?

Let’s face it, Mexico is in a really bad way right now. The drug wars are claiming more lives everyday, unemployment is high, and their notoriously corrupt government is not doing enough to stop either problem. These record breaking events are a welcome distraction in a difficult time. If people can get their minds off their troubles for an afternoon, why not? It’s also interesting that they tend to be group activities. It isn’t one dude trying to stuff the most golf balls in his mouth or whatever. Mexicans have always been a very proud and social society. It’s a way of them coming together as a nation to say, “We are still here, and we have a lot to be proud of.” Indeed. A 240 foot pork taco is definitely something to admire. We bet it was delicious too.

Via Fox News Latino.

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