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Mexico Has A New Profession: Professional Piggy Backers

In Mexico, (and the rest of Latin America for that matter), people have to find any means possible to make a buck. From the guy you pay to watch your car to the kids selling Chiclets, the Latino always finds a way. In the Mexican town of Ecatepec a new profession has arisen which is seriously unique: professional piggy backers. For 5 pesitos, these men will give you a piggy back ride across deep puddles and flooded streets. Ecatepec has received massive flooding and the streets are often full of water. These enterprising men, (and they are all men), saw an opportunity in misfortune and made a business out of it.

This kind of ingenuity is one of the things I love most about Latinos. We’ve gotten the crap end of the stick for hundreds of years and yet we find a way to survive. In my parent’s native Cuba they call it “resolver” or “making it work”. It makes sense. You can either fold in the face of adversity or turn it to your advantage. Kudos to you, piggy backers.

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