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Mexico Is The Top Country Streaming Netflix in 2017

We have all done it, binge-watched a series on Netflix. But what country consumed the most content on Netflix in 2017? You may think the U.S. but you would be wrong. Mexico topped the chart for the most daily consumption of content on Netflix in 2017. The rest of Latin America is not too far behind as Peru came in at No.3, Chile at No. 5, Brazil at No.6 and Argentina at No.7.

One reason why Mexico tops the list is that Netflix has developed several original series for the Latin American market which is having a lot of success. One of those series is Club de Cuervos which I personally have seen and it is a must watch. Other popular Spanish language movies and TV shows on Netflix include Y tu Mama Tambien, Güeros, El Clon, Gloria, Rebelde, Mala Mala and Metastisis.

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