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Mexico’s Head Coach Miguel Herrera’s Wild Antics Go Viral.

There has been many unforgettable moments at the World Cup so far. But one man’s wild antics has made a big hit across social media and the world. Mexico’s head coach, Miguel Herrera have World Cup fans willing his team to score so they can catch another crazy reaction. Miguel Herrera crazy antics go back to when he played professional soccer in the Liga MX from 1987 – 2000. While playing for his last team Atlante FC, you can see him sporting a mullet and wearing it with pride. The 46 year old took charge of the national team in October of last year which struggled to qualify for the World Cup.

But now that they are in the World Cup, it seams that every game is a broadway show. After one goal Herrera was bundled to the floor by defender Paul Aguilar. Just when he was getting up he leaped in the air to bear hug goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. If Mexico can get the historic win over Netherlands who knows what wild antics Herrera has in store for us. This is defenetily the kind of man you want to go out and hit a couple of bars on a fun crazy night out with your manager.  

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