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Mexico’s Official Independence Day Fiesta Was a Disaster

September 15th is the annual tradition where hundreds of Mexicans fill the Zocalo, the main square of Mexico City, to celebrate El Grito and Mexico’s Independence day. This year’s fiesta was a disaster, not so much for the citizens but for the dictator of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. In order to get into the fiesta you had to go through high security that made you feel like you were entering a military controlled area.

No one escaped pad downs from police, even children and infants received the traditional pat down. I guess the dictator was afraid he would be taken out by a little kid. Normally If you wanted to be part of this celebration you would need to get to the Zocalo early before the fiesta filled to capacity. But this year it seems that many Mexicans skipped the party all together. According to Mexican media, the dictator of Mexico had feared that no one would show up and lured citizens to the fiesta with free food, a free concert and in some cases, cash. Many paid off citizens were bused into the capital city from neighboring state of Mexico, which happens to be Enrique Peña Nieto’s home state.

If that was not bad enough, some unruly partygoers blocked the arrival of one of the dictator’s daughter to the Zocalo on Monday night. Peña Nieto’s step-daughter, Sophia Castro, was riding in a government Suburban when crowds began shouting at her, before surrounding the car and blocking the path. The crowds began to shout “She should walk like everyone else”. It’s a shame that Mexico continues to be plagued by a corrupt government lead by a corrupt president. The day they remove the current dictator from office is the day Mexican citizens will truly celebrate. Unfortunately I am sure there is another corrupt politician ready to replace the current dictator.

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