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Mexico’s Richest Man Suggests 3 Day Work Week

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is suggesting the work week should be changed to a three-day work week, but there is a catch, he would require 11-hour work days and workers to stay on the job until age 70 or 75.

Workers at Telmex, the telecom company that had made Carlos Slim the second richest man, now can retire before they are 50 years old in some cases. But those eligible for such an early retirement are giving the option of a four day work week at full pay upon reaching retirement age.

Mexicans work more hours then their counterparts in any other country, according to a study by the international economic forum. The study shows workers there work 2,317 hours a year, or 44.6 hours a week, compared to an average of 1,798 hours a year in the United States.

Having half day Fridays is great and if we could have the option to have short three day work week would be awesome, but in the long run we would pay for the extra time off, so I guess this may be good for some and bad for others.

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