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Michelle Obama’s Tonight Show Appearance

Michelle Obama‘s appearance on The Tonight Show proved once again that when it comes to acting, politicians are more than capable of hanging with the pros. In previous sketches, we have seen Rudy Giuliani in drag, we have seen Sarah Palin cut a rug, and we’ve seen John McCain sing Streisand. Even if these people aren’t “good” actors, the audience still loves to see politicians with their guards down, out of their comfort zone, trying to make us laugh at any cost. If they’re good at it, that’s great. If they fail at it, that’s even better. At the end of the day, it’s just nice to see them acting like, well, people, instead of, well, baby kissing lawmakers.

Last night, Michelle Obama appeared in “Ew!”, one of Jimmy Fallon’s more popular sketches. When I watched the sketch, I couldn’t help but think about how Michelle Obama has probably been in some intimidating situations. You know, meeting world leaders, foreign diplomats, and Beyoncé. However, if you ask me, acting in a sketch alongside Will Ferrell had to have really put her deodorant to the test. Will Ferrell could make appendicitis hilarious. But it actually worked out for the best. The first lady was there to promote her healthy living agenda, and having pros like Fallon and Ferrell help out turned a boring topic into something a little more tasty. At least tastier than kale chips.

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