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Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne Are Offically An Item

One of our favorite girls, Michelle Rodriguez, officially came out yesterday by announcing she has been dating model Cara Delevingne. The two had been seen around town together and, (most notoriously) at a basketball game in which Michelle appeared to be drunk off her ass and was all over Cara. Michelle has long said that she is bisexual but this is the first known relationship with a woman. Michelle says,

“It’s going really well. She’s so cool. When we started hanging out I just thought she was awesome, and we have the best time together. She’s hard though. You wouldn’t want to mess with her in a fight. Cara’s at her own fashion week party tonight, so doing her own thing.”

We’re really happy for Michelle and wish her the best. Michelle has long been one of Tuvez’s big time crushes. We’re going to go ahead and continue with that. We don’t care who she dates she’s still one hot badass.

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