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Miley Cyrus Angers Mexico With Independence Day Performance

Miley Cyrus managed to piss off the entire country of Mexico by dishonoring the flag…on Mexican Independence Day. The Bangerz concert started off like any other, with Miley writing around scantily clad, twerking, sticking out her tongue, etc. Then she began spitting water into the crowd. They reacted badly. Then she brought out a giant fake butt that she wore while a dancer spanked her with the Mexican flag. I’m not sure what the message is. Is she saying that Mexico is awesome, let’s do sex stuff? Or is she saying Mexico is hurting the U.S. with the immigration problem? Or is she just a dumb brat that gets off on pissing people off? I’m pretty sure that is it. Lawmaker Francisco Trevino said that Miley should be fined under a law governing misuse of the flag. The fine would be $1200 or be detained for 36 hours. $1200 is probably what she spends on chihuahua outfits in a week, so that is nothing to her.

I get that Miley’s thing is to be controversial. It’s pretty much all she’s got. She’s already banned in the Dominican Republic so soon she’s going to run out of Latin American countries. Look, I’m all for free speech but there is such a thing as bad taste. I don’t get why people think it’s awesome to desecrate flags. It’s such a childish and cliche statement. But if that’s part of your “art” then fine. But don’t do it on a national holiday honoring independence. That’s just being a jerk not an artist.

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