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Miley Cyrus Fined By Mexican Senate For Flag Stunt

American pop brat Miley Cyrus was fined and censured by the Nuevo Leon senate in Mexico after an incident in which she disrespected the Mexican flag at her recent concert in Monterrey. At the show Miley spit water at the audience and then strapped on a big fake butt and had a dancer spank her with the Mexican flag. Did I mention that this happened on Mexican Independence Day? Most of Mexico was not amused by the little stunt. The senate was quick to act and have fined her the measly sum of $1200 and censured her. Like she cares about that. The text of the censure reads,

“In the first of two concerts of Miley Cyrus in Monterrey (Nuevo León’s capital), an act of disrespect to our national symbols took place during her show, when one of the dancers hit her on her backside with a Mexican flag.”

I realize that there is such a thing as free speech and that Miley gets off on pissing people off. But there is a line and you have to gauge your audience. Maybe Mexican Independence Day wasn’t the best time to desecrate a flag that many Mexicans see as sacred. It’s one thing when you mess with the symbols of your own culture, say if she had burned an American flag or some guy’s luscious mullet. But when you disrespect the symbols of another culture you just look like a racist pendeja.

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