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Millions Of Mexicans On Nationwide Strike

Million of Mexicans are gearing up for a nationwide strike in Mexico, demanding justice for the 43 students who went missing more than a month ago for protesting the local government and since then have been declared dead by the Mexican Government. Mexico’s Attorney General, Jesus Murillo, who whined about being tired of answering questions about the missing students by saying “Ya me canse” and the low priority Enrique Peña Nieto has giving to this situation only caused more outrage. The massive 3 day protest will begin on November 20 with hundreds of protests planned throughout Mexico including a mass march from the presidential mansion in Los Pinos to the Zocalo, the main plaza in Mexico City. Here in the U.S. there will also be several protests at several Mexican Consulates.

Regardless if the 43 missing students are alive or not it’s the fact that the government can disappear 43 students all for standing up to corruption is an outrage. Hopefully these protest continue and put pressure for the resignation of Mexico’s dictator and real change. Ironically, the date the 3 day protest marks the anniversary of Mexico’s 1910 revolution, could another one be in the making.

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