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Minority Reporting: Immigration Stagnation

The never-ending flood of Latin to North America immigration is apparently dwindling to a crawl, and, according to analysts it could be a thing of the past in a few generations. Even as the U.S. unemployment continues to drop, blacks and Latinos still represent the two ethnic groups facing the highest levels of unemployment in this country. For potential immigrants, the U.S. currently looks about as enticing as a bowl of poisoned cat stew (which is a thing). This is especially true when you consider living conditions in several parts of Latin America have immensely improved when compared to whatever unknowns and troubles they might encounter should they enter the U.S. Is that progress.

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Depending on who you ask, illegal immigration has either been like a slight, but constant drizzle, or it has been like a perfect storm of unending rains. But no matter how you look at it, it’s still a naturally occurring event. Standing obstinately against the flow immigration is no different than standing in a storm and shaking your fist at lightning. And while some people have been too busy being distracted by the influx of brown people, the country the are trying to protect in the first place has gone down the financial toilet through no fault of any day laborer, ever.

I don’t feel that people who are against immigration (legal or otherwise) are racist. I feel that people who oppose immigration forget that they don’t actually live in a vacuum. To them, having migrants enter the country is like when they add a new character to a television show – like say Friends. These anti-immigrationists enjoy things the way they are and they don’t like the idea of having new characters to deal with. But the U.S. is not Friends. It’s not even Joey, the spin-off. The U.S. is, at best, a Monday night WWE show where the fans know that the best way to express an opinion is by writing it in sharpie on a poster board or yelling it loudly. And if it isn’t that, then why do so many new organizations appeal to that side of our nature?

As migration stalls out, we may see other U.S. citizens wonder what Latin America knows that we don’t know. How long will it take someone to sneak south of the border, with the help of a coyote, to get a job in a Mexican kitchen or as cabdriver, just so they can send money back to their family in Akron Ohio? It may sound blasphemous, but our children need their name brand jeans, smartphones, and any number of first world items they’ve developed a co-dependent relationship with. Doesn’t that sound like progress?

[via FOX News Latino]

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