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Miss Nicaragua Yumara Lopez Dies of Brain Cancer


Nicaragua esta de luto después de saber que Yumara López, a national beauty queen lost her life to cancer after a two-year battle. López was the first runner-up at the 2014 Miss World Nicaragua competition and represented Nicaragua at the 2014 Miss World beauty pageant after the crowned queen, María Esther Cortés, gave up her title. Dos meses despues del beauty competition, she began to experience weird symptoms, such as dizziness, vision problems and string migraines. Desafortunadamente los Doctores en Nicaragua diagnosed her with second stage brain cancer.

When it seemed she was cancer free, le dieron las malas noticias that she had relapsed and the tumor had grown. Tristemente otra vida was cut short by cancer. Miss Universe Nicaragua 2013, Nastassja Bolivar, express her sympathy on social media. “Today, our Nicaragua lost a queen, but heaven gained an angel. We’ll always remember your smile and the courage in your battle. Rest in peace our beautiful queen, Yumara López.”

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