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MTV Offers Up Craziest Episode Of Catfish Yet

MTV’s Catfish proves that if you’re lonely, desperate, and sexually frustrated enough, you’ll believe anything. In a recent episode of Catfish: Untold Stories, Doug met a beautiful, tall blonde named Amber online. Those of you familiar with the show know that Amber never actually existed, and if anything, her photo was most likely a stock-photo from an advertisement for diarrhea medication. That said, Doug was able to look past this obvious red-flag and found himself eventually falling in love with the out-of-his-league, obviously fake woman. Unfortunately, as their love was blossoming, Amber was conveniently killed off in a car accident. Thankfully, Amber’s aunt was there to help Doug pick up his heartbroken pieces. What happened next is some next level craziness. Take a look.

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