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Naya Rivera Casts Major Shade At Kim Kardashian

One of our favorite girls, Naya Rivera, was critical of one of our least favorite girls: Kim Kardashian. In case you haven’t seen Kim’s Paper Magazine cover yet, let me paint you a picture. She’s naked and covered in oil and you can see the entirety of her booty. Naya thought that this time Kim had gone too far and tweeted, “I normally don’t. But … you’re someone’s mother…”. A fair point. One day little North West will grow up and have to come to terms with her mother’s constant nudity and the fact that she was once used as a toilet in a sex tape. Kim was not surprised that Naya was hating on her and a source reportedly said, “Naya is such a copycat, always doing whatever Kim does.” I don’t think that’s accurate at all. Naya may wear a dress with a deep neckline but you don’t ever see her bare chichis or her naked butt. That’s Kim’s territory.

Look, Kim Kardashian is the trashiest person on Earth. She’s the very definition of someone who is famous for absolutely no reason whatsoever. She is talentless. Her only skill is taking off her clothes. My abuela had a word for a woman like that.

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