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Naya Rivera Might Have Been Fired From “Glee”

Naya Rivera may have been fired from Glee for fighting with Lea Michele. There have been rumors flying around for weeks that the two star’s rivalry finally came to a head. It’s no secret that the two divas hate each other. Rivera resents Michele’s bratty behavior and is jealous of her being the show’s star. Michele just hates Naya because Rivera apparently talks mad chismes about her. It seems that the other day Michele kept the cast and crew waiting while she dot her nails done or whatever. Rivera complained to the Glee‘s producers and then Lea blew her top and demanded that Rivera be fired. It’s been up in the air whether or not Rivera would return to Glee for its final season.

Naya, listen to your friends at Tu Vez, don’t worry about it. We love you and think you are way more talented than Lea Michele. She’s just jealous of you, nena.

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