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Cesar Chavez Movie Is Almost Here!

A lot of people only know the name Cesar Chavez because there’s a street named after him somewhere in their town. However, Cesar Chavez was a great person who inspired many people during his lifetime. So it’s depressing to think that the only time some people mention his name is when they’re giving directions to a Taco Bell, or a strip club that happens to be on Cesar Chavez road. Fortunately, Diego Luna – one of Mexico’s most popular actors – decided it was time to show people who Cesar Chavez actually was by bringing his story to the big screen. The casting for the movie looks amazing, featuring Rosario Dawson, America Ferrera, and Academy Award nominee John Malkovich in supporting roles. Playing Chavez is Michael Peña, who – based on the trailer – looks like a great choice.

Playing Cesar Chavez might seem like a great opportunity for an actor, but I don’t envy the pressure that this role has probably brought to Michael Peña. Chavez is a beloved icon. If Peña’s acting fails to meet expectations, he’ll be as hated as Jerry Jones on a Sunday. I remember the amount of criticism Jennifer Lopez had to deal with when she was first cast to play Selena. Fortunately Lopez played the role so well that she silenced many of her haters. Let’s hope Peña is able to do the same.

Here are a few quick facts for those of you that don’t know much about Cesar Chavez:

1. Cesar Chavez dropped out of seventh grade to get a job as a migrant worker just so his mom wouldn’t have to work. Think about that next Mother’s Day when you give your mom a stupid box of chocolates.

2. Cesar Chavez fasted many times during his life, often as a form of protest. His longest fast lasted for 36 days – half as long as Kim Kardashian’s first marriage.

3. Speaking of marriage, Chavez married his high school sweetheart – Helen Fabela Chávez – and stayed with her until he died 45 years later! Oddly enough, the longest relationship I ever had was with a woman I met at a strip club located on Cesar Chavez.

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