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New iPad Will Have Two Cameras…But Why?

The talk out of Cupertino is that the new second generation iPad will have a camera in both the front and the back just like the iPhone 4. It will also come preloaded with the same camera apps as the iPhone.

Okay. We get why the iPhone 4 has a front-facing camera. Obviously, it’s there so that people can take annoying, duck-faced pictures of themselves at a club and them post them on Facebook.  It also has the camera on the back which takes decent pictures for a camera phone. The iPhone shoots video too. This allowed you to capture that time your friend was drunk at the zoo and vomited on a goat. But why on Earth do you need any kind of camera on the iPad? It’s not like you can carry the thing in your pocket for photo ops. It’s a big awkward rectangle and isn’t exactly conducive to getting good shots. It’s like trying to take video of your cat with the webcam on your laptop. Yes, you can do it but it’s going to be a pain in the butt and look like crap.

The iPad is essentially an expensive toy. You can watch movies, read books, and maybe play a game and that’s it. Don’t try to make it practical, Apple. Just work on making the movie watching or book reading experiences better. Perhaps reduce the glare on the eBook screen to reduce eye strain. Or you can work on the screen so that the video looks good if you are watching from different angles. Just an idea.

Via Gizmodo.

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