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Could The Next Host Of “The View” Be A Latina?

Puerto Rican journalist Ana Maria Belaval has been invited to audition for the co-host spot on The View. The position opened up after Jenny McCarthy left the show. Ana Maria has been the “Around Town” reporter for the WGN morning news in Chicago for several years and before that she worked on Despierta America on Univision. The View has always tried to represent the views, (pun intended), of women from different walks of life and ideologies. Though there have always been African-American women on the show there has never been a Latina. It makes sense that they would make this move towards hiring someone who represents the fastest growing demographic in the country. The one disadvantage she might have is that she is a relative unknown on the national stage.

Representation is important in our entertainment. It makes us feel like we’re included. Barabara Walters started the show to create a forum for women to discuss what was on their minds. Women in general are underrepresented on TV but women of color are almost nonexistent. The truth is that as far as Latinos goes, TV is way behind in representation. Hopefully everything works out and Ana Maria gets the job. I might actually watch the show then. Check out this video of Ana in action.

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