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NFL Monday Night Football In Mexico City


For the first time an NFL Monday Night Football game will be played outside of the United States as the Oakland Raiders will play the Houston Texans in Estadio Azteca, Mexico City. La pasion que tienen los Mexicanos for American football is incredible and the NFL knows it. The 95,500 tickets for the game sold out immediately. Renovations were done on Estadio Azteca’s locker rooms to accommodate NFL-sized squads. Four Mexican sports channels partnered with the NFL to not only broadcast Monday’s game but to broadcast nine games every week in Spanish. If that does not get your attention maybe this will, there is an estimated 20 million fans in Mexico.


As Arturo Olivé, NFL Mexico’s general director, says, “We’re tremendously excited, not only for this game but for the future of the sport in Mexico. We haven’t had a regular-season game here since 2005, but now I think we can have one every year. … By every measure, we are seeing tremendous growth. While the Cowboys and Steelers are our most popular teams, the Raiders and Texans also have a great many fans, and every team has a following.”

Podría Mexico tener un equipo dentro de 10 años? NFL executives have talked about adding one or two teams to the league outside of the U.S. As of now the front runners would be Great Britain and Mexico. Ojala que si se haga, creo que seria algo bueno para el juego y Mexico.

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