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NFL Panders Yet Again To Hispanics During Cowboys-Redskins Game

Did you tune in to Monday Night Football last night? What an abomination! No, I’m not talking about the fact that the Cowboys kicked six field goals to eek out an 18-16 win against the Redskins. I’m referring to the obscenity known as ESPN and the NFL’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month– the 30-day period (from September 15 to October 15) in which all Latinos are lumped into the same group and are honored in a half-assed way.

As is MNF tradition, Hank Williams Jr. kicked off the telecast by asking the same question he’s been asking for years: “are you ready for some football?” This time around, however, he did it in Spanish! Because nothing celebrates Latino heritage like a good ol’ Southern boy singing in choppy español.

The theme song was just the tip before the unexpected insertion of the graphic showing both team names in Spanish. Then came the mariachis, el ballet folklorico, and norteño/tejano group Intocable playing at half time:

video via Guanabee

The only thing that would have made this worse is if the Jets had temporarily traded Mark Sanchez to the Redskins for this week and the NFL would have made him and Tony Romo wear sombreros instead of football helmets. Even then, I wouldn’t put it past them.

What’s most offensive about this obvious pandering to Hispanics is how ignorant it was. Just about everything done last night at Cowboys Stadium to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month pertained exclusively to Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. That’s just one of twenty countries that constitute Latin America. I’d be insulted if I had tuned in last night and were Peruvian, Chilean, Guatemalan, Dominican, etc.

I don’t need a large media company and a professional sports organization telling me how and when to celebrate my heritage. Just show me some damn football and let’s move on with it.

image via San Antonio Express-News

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