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Nicaragua Considering Giving Qaddafi Political Asylum

Way to make Latin America look bad, Nicaragua. According to economic adviser Bayardo Arce, President Daniel Ortega is not against granting the deposed Lybian head of state Muamar al-Qaddafi* political asylum should he seek it. Arce further claimed that the reason why the Central American nation would be open to the possibility of asylum is because Qaddafi extended Nicaraguans the same favor in 1979 when they were being killed by the Anastasio Somoza regime/dictatorship.

Is it us, or does Qaddafi bear a striking resemblance to Carlos Santana?

Let’s get this straight, Nicaragua. First of all Qaddafi hasn’t even asked for the political asylum yet. But you’re willing to grant it to him should he ask? That’s ass backwards. No one ever woke up and said, “You know, today would be a good day to associate with an insane dictator who bombed his own country just to stay in power. He’s probably misunderstood.”

Also, claiming that he did you a solid back in 1979 and you’re returning the favor now only cheapens the deaths of those people who died under the Somoza regime. Not just that, but you’re giving right wing nut jobs in this country yet another reason to be afraid of Latinos. ” Ooh, watch out! That brown man over there is probably also a murderous, dictatorial terrorist!” they’ll say.

Way to fail at life, Nicaragua.

*How the hell do you spell his name? We’ve seen just about every variation on the name from reputable news sources. Get your act together, mass media, and pick one!

via Fox News Latino

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