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No Manches Frida


From the studio that brought you Instrucciones no incluidas brings you No Manches Frida. The story of Zequi (Omar Chaparro), a recently released bank robber que trata de recuperar un dinero enterrado en un lote baldío. The only problem is a school gymnasium has been built over the burial site. To recover the money, he ends up taking a job as a substitute teacher and meets the sweet and earnest Lucy (Martha Higareda) as well as an unruly class of teenagers. This film is full of laughs and lots of modismos Mexicanos that should keep your abuelita laughing.


Its great to see another Mexican film hit the US market and get so much promotion. Ojala que tenga mucho exito like Instrucciones no incluidas. No Manches Frida is a remake of the 2013 German box office hit “Fack ju Göhte”. It is directed by Nacho G. Velilla and stars Omar Chaparro, Martha Higareda, and Monica Dionne among others. La pelicula se estrena este Viernes!

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