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Non-Spanish Speakers Try To Speak Spanish And Hilarity Ensues

I feel bad for non-Spanish speakers that try to speak Spanish because I’ve often thought that they just can’t win. If they mispronounce the word because they can’t, say, roll the double r then they are mocked. It’s not their fault that they did not inherit the tongue girth or whatever to roll their r’s or properly pronounce the ñ. Conversely their is the problem of non-Spanish speakers over-emphasizing words trying to mimic the Spanish accent and failing. I call this NEEKARAGWA Spanish because their pronunciation of the country of Nicaragua is particularly grating. You know what I’m talking about. Newscasters use NEEKARAGWA Spanish all the time to try and show off.

In this video by the Latino comedy site The Flama, we see a bunch of well meaning folks try and pronounce different Spanish words with various results…mostly failure. The best part is when they are asked to pronounce the word negar…which granted…can be tricky.

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