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Tacos Are Mexican Not “Latino”, Fox News

The hosts of Fox and Friends let their ignorance of Latinos show on Friday during a segment on National Taco Day. First of all, there is a National Taco Day which we at Tu Vez think should be a federal holiday instead of Columbus Day, (because screw that guy, seriously). Fox and Friends were merrily enjoying some taco treats when host Brian Kilmeade turned to meteorologist Maria Molina and said, “So what are the tips you need to know, to do it correctly — you grew up on tacos, correct?” Steve Doocy then corrected him by saying, “She’s Columbian.” Maria corrected them both by saying, “No, I did not grow up on tacos. I’m Nicaraguan, and it’s not a native food.” Listen to me, tacos are from Mexico. While I am not Mexican and eat tacos all the time, my Cuban abuela didn’t make them at home. It’s another example of how the media in general tends to lump us all together into a kind of brown blob. Everything south of the border is basically Mexico, right? And besides, it’s not like tacos haven’t become a staple of the American diet…or at least the bastardized version of a taco. You’d think by the way they were acting that they were asking Maria to teach them how to eat some super exotic food. Shut up and eat your tacos, Kilmeade.

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