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We Now Have The Most Latino Congress Ever

Now that all the votes have been counted from last week’s midterm election it is official: the most Latinos ever have been elected to congress. There will be 29 Latinos in the House of Representatives and three in the Senate when the 2015 congress convenes. Most of them are Democrats though a surprising amount are Republicans. Most notably two of the three Latino senators are Cuban Latinos, (Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio). Executive Director of NALEO Education Fund Arturo Vargas said of the election night results that,

“Latino candidates made history on election night, securing groundbreaking victories in contests across the country and in both political parties. Latinos will continue to shape the nation’s political landscape as candidates, demonstrating their ability to lead and win at all levels of office.”

Latinos largely stayed home during the midterms, largely due to them being disillusioned by the Democrats. In some areas there was enough of a turn out to help booster many Latino candidates. A surprising amount of Latinos voted for Republican candidates. Only time will tell what this means for issues such as immigration that are important to the Latino community. Some of the more conservative Latinos, like Ted Cruz, are vehemently opposed to anything even remotely progressive happening with regard to immigration. Perhaps this many Latinos can force the issue in the House but with only three Latinos in the Senate, (and again one of them is Ted Cruz), not to mention a Republican majority in both houses, it may be tough to get anything through with regard to immigration.

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