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Best Of Nuestra Belleza Latina’s Elliptical Runway

For the last four years or so, millions of people have tuned in to the Univision reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina. The show, which features 12 of the hottest women Latin America has to offer, pits these aspiring models against each other for a chance to win a huge cash sum (last season, first place took a cool $250,000 while second got $50,000) by making them do all kinds of things models are forced to do (no, not that, you dirty pigs). Among those items: walk the runway. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Except that Nuestra Belleza Latina’s runway is half elliptical machine:

It’s no “fake waterbed prank” but it’ll do. Oh, and remember how we said millions of people watch this show? Yeah, we have an inkling a lot of these people are guys.

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