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Olympian Laurie Hernandez To Appear On “Dancing With The Stars”


It seemed inevitable, but multiple medal-winning Latina Olympian Laurie Hernandez will appear on the next Dancing with the Stars. Of the ladies of the Final Five, she is the most logical choice. She charmed the pants off the entire planet with her coqueteo on the mat. She’s beautiful, talented, and I’m sure she’ll bring some of those New Jersey Latin rhythms to that bland ass show. I’ve never been a fan of Dancing with the Stars. If I wanted to watch mediocre dancing by has beens  I’d go to any club in LA.

Still, this way Laurie will keep her name in the headlines between now and the next Olympics in 2020. It can’t hurt things, unless she hurts herself doing some stupid ballroom move. She deserves a break after what she did in Rio. She should immediately afterwards go back to training for 2020. I want her to get even more gold.

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