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Colombian Women Cycling Team Wear Nude Looking Uniforms

September 18, 2014 

All eyes are on the women of Colombia’s cycling team and not because of their talent but because the women of Colombia’s cycling team appear to be racing half naked. A bad design in their jersey features a nude strip around their nether regions which left them looking somewhat exposed. As a women I feel….

Brazil Beats Colombia But At A Cost

July 05, 2014 

In the battle between the young Latin American stars James versus Neymar seemed more like James versus the referee’s. Friday’s game saw a number of heavy tackles, with many going unpunished, while James Rodriguez seemed to be targeted by the Brazilian players throughout the match. World Cup referee Carlos Velasco Carballo showed just four yellow….

Colombia Moves On And Will Face Brazil

June 28, 2014 

Colombia reaches quarterfinals for the first time ever thanks to its young star, James Rodriguez. Because of Suarez suspension, Uruguay had only one way to play, dig deep and wait for an error. Colombia took advantage of the suspension and showed why they are one of the top Latin American teams. At the 28th minute….

Colombia Is The Top Latin American Team

June 24, 2014 

Colombia easily beats Japan in the final game of Group C and enters the Round of 16 as the top Latin American team joining Netherlands with a perfect record. Japan started the game strong but with a penalty call, Juan Cuadrado kicked in the first goal and thus starting la goliza for Colombia. Japan dominated….

Uruguay And Colombia Big Wins In Day 8

June 19, 2014 

Another big win for Latin America as Uruguay beats England and Colombia beats Côte d’Ivoire. Luis Suarez made a spectacular return for Uruguay, who missed the opening match with an injury. Both Uruguay and England had several chances to score in the game. Wayne Rooney had a close goal with a free kick and a….