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U.S. Government Infiltrates Cuban Hip Hop Community

March 09, 2018 

An Associated Press report blew the lid off of a USAID program which sought to infiltrate the Cuban hip hop scene to create a youth movement to overthrow the Cuban government. Millions of American tax dollars were spent sending operatives to encourage young Cuban rappers to criticize the government and call for democratic reforms. This….

Cuba’s New Goodwill Ambassador Is…Paris Hilton?

January 30, 2018 

It a move that can only set back relations between the United States and Cuba even further, Paris Hilton traveled to the island and met up with Fidel Castro’s son Fidel Jr., (known as Fidelito). The nuclear physicist son of president/dictator Fidel Castro was on hand at the world famous Havana Cigar Festival and was….

The Best Cuban Sandwiches

January 30, 2018 

The sandwich. Is there a more perfect food? The origin story of the world’s greatest lunch comes from England. In the 18th century there was this guy called the Earl of Sandwich. He was a compulsive gambler and didn’t like to leave the card table. So, he told his servants to bring him meat and….

Cuban Santeros Will Welcome The New Year

December 28, 2017 

How will you ring in 2018? You probably will do something like go to a party? In Havana they do things differently. Thousands of Santeros will gather to ring in the new year with drumming, dancing, and some chicken sacrifices. The largest gathering will be in Havana’s Cuatro Caminos market where the Santeria faithful will….

U.S. Withdraws Embassy Personnel From Cuba

September 29, 2017 

Months after mysterious attacks on American embassy personnel was first reported, the White House has withdrawn 60% of the Cuban embassy staff and issued a travel warning to all Americans. It all began almost a year ago when several members of the embassy staff began having strange symptoms including hearing loss and brain injury with….