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Two AI Bots Talk Idiotic Gibberish To Each Other

August 30, 2011 

We’ve discussed several times that the human race will probably one day be enslaved and terminated by robots. That or zombies, but more realistically robots. We keep seeing all of the increasingly creepy AI that scientists are inventing for reasons that escape our understanding. This video made us think: What if our future robot overlords….

Scowling Beauty: Top 5 Badass Michelle Rodriguez Films

August 22, 2011 

Typecasting is a double edged sword. We’re not talking about racist typecasting where we Latinos can only play maids and gang members. That always sucks. We mean when an actor keeps getting cast as similar characters. This has happened to some of our finest actors. How many times have we seen Robert De Niro, Joe….

El FUA! Flash Game

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 12.05.53 PM
July 11, 2011 

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Guys. GUYS! There is now a “El Fua!” flash animation game. Yes! That’s right. That video of the drunken guy talking about “El Fua!” (short for “Fuerza Universal Aplicada”) is now a full-fledged, actually-fun-to-play flash game.

Zombie Swimwear

July 07, 2011 

If horror films have taught us anything it’s that one day, the world will end when zombies overrun the Earth. In the meantime, we can prepare for the zombocalypse by sharpening our shovels, drinking plenty of water, and looking at this hot girl wearing zombie themed bikinis. The ghoulish swimsuits were designed by Pale Horse….

Sesame Zombies

cookie monster zombie
May 31, 2011 

Evan Cheng is probably our favorite person right now. The art director of character design at Sesame Workshop is the mastermind behind these monstrous creations: the Sesame Zombies. Cheng took some of our favorite childhood characters (Count von Count, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, etc.) and zombified them. Today’s  post is brought to you by….

Latino Kids Consume The Most Media. Here Are Some Educational Choices.

March 18, 2011 

A recent study found that Black and Hispanic kids consume more media than white kids. This includes TV, Internet, and video games. Hispanic kids between the ages of 8 and 18, spend 13 hours a day being exposed to some form of media. White kids rack up a paltry 8 hours of TV and Internet….

Trailer For Mexican Zombie Flick, Los Infectados

February 21, 2011 

It seems like zombies are everywhere these days. Movies, TV shows, books, and video games featuring the undead are all the rage. Mexico has joined in the zombie craze with a new film called Los Infectados. The film was directed by Alejandro G. Alegre and is due out soon. It has the usual zombocalypse plot…..

Tu Vez Blast-From-The-Past Truck: El Santo

February 02, 2011 

Who is the greatest actor ever to come out of Mexico? No, it isn’t Salma Hayek, Gael Garcia Bernal, or Vincente Fernandez. The greatest Mexican actor of all time is Rudolfo Guzman Huerta. Don’t know who that is? Perhaps you know him better as El Santo.

Cuba Produces Zombie Film Juan of the Dead

January 17, 2011 

The walking dead are coming to Havana! For the first time ever Cuba is producing a zombie film named Juan De Los Muertos (Juan of the Dead). The film is directed by Alejandro Brugues, one of Cuba’s up and coming directors. The production is a joint venture with Spanish company 5ta Avenida and some investors from Mexico and Venezuela.

Partner Plug: 7 Zombie Projects We’re Likely To See In 2011

January 04, 2011 

Do you like zombies? Of course you do. Thanks to The Walking Dead, everyone and their damn mothers think that zombies are the motherfreaking bee’s knees. Our friends over at Screen Junkies, seeking to capitalize on this current love affair with the undead, have compiled this highly comical list of upcoming 2011 television/film projects.

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