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Red Dreams And Putting Greens: Cuba’s Golf Renaissance

July 10, 2017 

Registration began this week for the popular new Montecristo Cup golf tournament. Pro-golfers from all over the world are expected to come. Just don’t expect to see Tiger Woods there. The Montecristo Cup takes place in Varadero, Cuba. Surprised? Don’t be. The Castros have built or refurbished over a hundred golf courses all over Cuba….

Cuba’s Love Motels Making A Comeback

July 06, 2017 

Love is in the air and many Cuban’s are demonstrating it in the streets. There has been an epidemic of people having sex in public in Cuba and authorities are cracking down. Up until the 1990’s citizen’s would go to the “posadas”, or “love motels”, where you can rent a room by the hour. All….

Trump Announces New Cuba Restrictions

June 19, 2017 

President Donald Trump announced his official policy on Cuba on Friday in Miami in front of a crowd of Cuban-American lawmakers and hardline Cuban exiles. He promised the anti-Castro Republican Cuban-Americans in South Florida during his 2016 campaign that he would seek to roll back the thaw in relations between the U.S. and Cuba that….

Trump To Reverse Obama Progress On Cuba

May 30, 2017 

In a few days president Donald Trump will announce his decision on Cuba after an analysis by his team of president Barack Obama’s easing of the trade and travel restrictions. The news will not be good for those that hoped for a continued openness with the island. Trump is likely to roll back all if….

Number of Illegal Cuban Immigrants Caught by Coast Guard Drops

May 28, 2017 

In the month of April the U.S. Coast Guard did not intercept any Cubans trying to sail illegally to the U.S. One reason why is the new policies set by both the Obama and Trump administration. Just before leaving office, President Obama repealed what was know as the “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy, where Cubans who reached….