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Puerto Rico Votes For Statehood

June 12, 2017 

A historically small turnout of Puerto Rican voters came out on Sunday to cast their ballots in a non-binding vote over whether or not to apply for U.S. statehood. Even though only 23% of eligible voters came out to cast their ballots, 97% of those chose to move towards become the 51st state. Puerto Rican….

Monica Puig Wins First Gold Medal For Puerto Rico

August 15, 2016 

Monica Puig won the first ever gold medal for Puerto Rico in tennis.

Puerto Rico Gets A Superhero In La Borinqueña

May 16, 2016 

Puerto Rico’s economic woes are no joke. They defaulted on their loans and have more coming up and the U.S. Congress is doing nothing. If there was ever a time when the island needs a hero it’s now. Enter a new superhero called La Borinqueña. She is the creation of comic book artist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriquez….

Puerto Rico Reports 1st Zika Death in US

May 03, 2016 

The first Zika death in the U.S. has been reported in Puerto Rico. According to the health secretary Ana Rius, the victim was a 70-year-old man from the San Juan metro area. The man died less then 24 hours after seeking help. Tan grave esta la cosa en Puerto Rico que currently there are 700….

Puerto Rico Defaults On Its Debts

May 02, 2016 

In spite of the efforts of Lin-Manuel Miranda and other Puerto Rican activists, Puerto Rico has defaulted on its 422 million dollar loans on Sunday. They simply do not have the money to pay for it. They appealed, begged, congress for help but they did nothing. Because of Puerto Rico’s status as a protectorate rather….